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The procedure of transfer of students from one HEI to another


Transfer of students from a foreign HEI to a Kazakhstani HEI is carried out on a paid basis upon presentation of the following documents:

1. a document on mastered study programmes (academic transcript or transcript);
2. document on the completion of previous level of education, which undergoes a nostrification procedure in Kazakhstan in the order established by the Rules of recognition and nostrification of documents on education, approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of RK dated January 10, 2008 № 8 (registered in the Registry of state registration of regulatory legal acts under № 5135);
3. results of entrance examinations at entrance to foreign educational organizations, the certificate of uniform national testing (hereinafter - UNT) or complex testing (hereinafter - CT) with the score not less than the established threshold.
4. persons who did not participate or did not reach the threshold score for the UNT and CT shall take the CT within the deadlines prescribed by the rules of the UNT and CT.

All necessary documents shall be submitted to the Digital Centre for Student Services "Shapagat".


The procedure for transferring a student to another higher education institution is as follows:

1) a learner wishing to transfer to another HEI shall submit a free-form application for transfer to the Rector of the University and, having received a written consent to transfer, stamped, shall apply to the Head of the HEI he/she is interested in;

2) the rector of the university, after receiving a written request to transfer the personal file and a copy of the order to enroll the student transfer, issues an order of expulsion with the wording "expelled in connection with the transfer to (name of the university)" and within three working days after the publication of the order of expulsion sends personal file of the student to the host institution.

The university retains a copy of the transcript or record book, student ID and an inventory of forwarded documents.

The procedure for transferring a student from another institution of higher education is as follows:

1) a learner wishing to transfer from another HEI submits a free-form application for transfer to the Rector of the University;

2) an application for transfer to the rector of the university shall be accompanied by copies of the transcript signed and stamped by the head of the university, the certificate of the holder of the educational grant, the application to the head of the university where he studied (with the signature of the head and the stamp);

3) director of institute on the basis of submitted documents determines the difference of disciplines in curricula and in accordance with mastered prerequisites sets the course of study, re-credits mastered credits in accordance with education programme and approves individual study plan of a student in agreement with the office-registrar;

4) in accordance with the visas of the director of the institute, office-registrar, head of department supervising academic affairs, vice-rector for academic work, the head of the university issues an order on transfer of the learner;

5) within three working days from the date the order is issued, a written request shall be sent to the institution where the student previously studied for the transfer of his/her personal file. A copy of the order on transferring the student`s enrolment shall be attached to the request.


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