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National competition «Best teacher of the university-2022» starts on November 1


Acceptance of documents for participation in the national contest «Best teacher of the university-2022» starts on November 1 and will last till November 15 of the current year. The winners will receive more than 6 million tenge.


The full-time lecturers of the universities who have continuous scientific and pedagogical experience (not less than 5 years) and high achievements in teaching and research activities may take part in the contest. The aim is to enhance the prestige of the teaching profession and to stimulate further professional development.


The competition is held in two stages - intramural and national. The application form and documents for participation are accepted electronically through the information system. This will ensure the transparency of the competition.


«When reviewing an application, a panel of experts composed of university staff and faculty evaluates the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the applicant in two areas: the quality of teaching and research activities. Based on the conclusions of the expert group, the HEI commission decides on the participation of the applicant in the second round - the republican round. At the national level, the commission includes representatives of NGOs, the media, student and youth organisations, the association of universities and experts», said Kuanysh Yergaliyev, Vice-Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan.


In addition to monetary incentives, the winners of the Best Teacher of Higher Education will also receive a badge.