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Тournament "BELAYA LADYA"

Kazakh national pedagogical university named after Abai institute of Mathematics, physics and computer science, with the organization of the Garde chess Club, on February 17, it is planned to hold a tournament among students of the Institute of mathematics, physics and computer science and guests from other institutes among boys and girls "BELAYA LADYA" ^^Rapid (10+3)^^. The winners will receive valuable prizes and certificates.


Tournament Rules:

The game will be played in the 10+3 format; 1 impossible move warning, 2 impossible move will result in defeat; if the opponent`s time has expired, the player can stop the game by calling the referee; the game consists of 7 rounds; 1 for a win, 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a defeat; 2 or more points at the end of the race; if most people have the same number of points, then the BUCHKOLTZ coefficient will determine the winner. In the case of using a phone or other gadgets, the player is removed from the game and the result is deleted.


Registration time: 02/16/2024 to 23:00


Date of the tournament: 02/17/2024


Tournament time: start at 10:00