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Chair of the methodology of teching a philological disciplines on the eve of Nauryz, the holiday of spring and renewal, on March 16 of this year  at 14.00 p.m. holds  a integrated inter-institutional event - the festival "Dialogues about the fashion phenomenons".

The festival "Dialogues about the fashion phenomenons" - a celebration of fashion, style and impeccable taste.
The festival "Dialogues about the fashion phenomenons" - a meeting with  personalities of the world of the Kazakhstan fashion. This energy drink for those who understand, love and not love fashion!
The festival "Dialogues about the fashion phenomenons" - is a festival, which lays its traditions. The event, which will contribute to (!) The recognition of talent beginning fashion designers who are preparing to perform at the Festival with the premiere collection of clothing and accessories.
Members: well-known fashion designers of the RK; students of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports, Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography, Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Institute of Philology.
Location, date and time of event:  academic building №5 Abai KazNPU (st. Tole bi, 86), 16 March 2016 14.00 p.m.
Dear colleagues, we wait for you!
See you at the Fashion Festival!


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