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        Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University announces competition to attract foreign specialists from the top management of higher education institutions: for the position of co-director of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute.
       The competition is open to foreign citizens, who have the expert knowledge in institutional management, accreditation of educational programs, in the development of educational programs,  about  Kazakhstan`s  higher educational system,  as well as experience in as well as experience in senior positions for at least five years.
To participate in the competition following documents are submitted:
1) Application of the applicant to participate in the competition  (in free form);
2) Photo (3x4);
3) Copy of passport;
4) Copy of the diploma (bachelor, master and PhD doctorate)l
5) Track records, certified at the place of work (CV and Recommendation letter );
6) Last theses, selected works and research materials from  September 2013;
7) University development  program or work plan, taking into account the stated position.
Deadlines for submission of documents  before  30 April , 2016.
Almaty City,  Kazybek bi, 30, Office № 202, contact phone: +7(727) 291-36-92;  +77013692377 - Sabira  Yesdauletova



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