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Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University announces a competition for vacancies of faculty members




1. Mathematical and Mathematical Modeling Department: Candidate of sciences / doctor Ph.D., senior lecturer-3.

2. Department of Physics: Associate Professor (Associate Professor) - 1, candidate of sciences / doctor PhD, senior lecturer - 2.

3. Department of Mathematics, Physics and Methods of Teaching Informatics: Candidate of Science / doctor Ph.D., senior lecturer - 3.

4. Department of informatics and education informatics: associate

Professor (Associate Professor) -1, Candidate / doctor PhD, Senior Lecturer -1.




1. The Chair of Theory and Methodology of the Kazakh Language: Associate Professor (Associate Professor) - 2, Candidate of Science / PhD, Senior Lecturer - 1.

2. The department of the Kazakh literature named after S.Kirabaev: candidate of sciences / Ph.D. the senior teacher - 2.

3. Department of Professional Foreign Language Communication: Candidate of Science / Ph.D., Senior Lecturer - 2.


Qualifying requirements for the contest participants:

- Candidates for associate professors (associate professors) must have at least 5 years of experience in higher (post-graduate) education, scientific degrees, scientific and pedagogical activity.

- Senior Lecturer: Candidates must have higher education (postgraduate), work experience in scientific and pedagogical activity not less than 3 years, including at least one year of teaching as a teacher or at least 5 years of practical work experience and academic degree.


Any person applying for the competition will submit the following documents within the period specified in the announcement of the competition:

1) Application for participation in the competition for the Rector of the University;

2) personal records of personnel registration;

3) autobiography in arbitrary form;

4) copies of documents on higher education, academic and scientific degrees, academic titles;

5) a copy of identity card;

6) the list of scientific works and inventions;

7) copy of professional development certificates (if any);

8) medical certificate №086, fluorocarbon;

9) certificate of presence or absence of conviction;

10) definition of a narcological organization;

11) definition of the psychoneurological organization;

12) characteristics from the last workplace for persons coming from another institution;

13) presentation of open lesson materials (in electronic form, no more than 30 slides).


Reception of documents for participation in the competition: from July 25 to August 20, 2018 (inc)


Documents are accepted at the following address: 13, Dostyk ave., Almaty

Human Resources Department, room №103; from 9.00 to 18.00.


Contact phones: 8 (727) 291-82-57, 291-18-29, 291-34-35.




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