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The most «English» competition!


London is the Capital of Great Britain - we learned in the elementary grades, not understanding the full force of this language. Well, today, for us, the english language has become a necessity, rather than its former luxury. After all, the political, economic, scientific, sports, cultural life of the whole world «flows» in english. Even the Olympic Games have chosen english as the official language. And right now, in your student years, mastering the english language will become your solid foundation in your future profession!


The student magazine «Campus 1928»  announces a competition for authors who want to win the certificate for training english language in one of the most prestigious language centers of the republic - «Alpha Academy»!


What do you need for it?

1. Write a short article on «Abai University - 2050» (How do you see the future of our university?)

2. Send an article to the post office


Winners will be determined at the beginning of the 2-nd semester.



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