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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position


Vacancy is closed


Vacant position:

Chief Accountant - Head of Accounting and Reporting

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

     The Chief Accountant - Head of Accounting shall ensure organisation of accounting in the Company and control over rational, economical use of material, labour and financial resources, safety of property.    

     The Chief Accountant-Head of Accounting and Reporting must have knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Laws of RK "On Education", "On Science", "On Fighting Corruption"; the Law of RK "On Accounting and Financial Reporting"; the Budget Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Code of RK "On Taxes and Other Compulsory Payments to Budget"; Rules of Accounting; IFRS; other legislative and regulatory legal acts on economic, financial, accounting and financial reporting issues.

Main job responsibilities:

     To ensure control over the reflection of all performed business operations in the accounting accounts, to provide operational information on the financial position of the Company, to prepare accounting statements within the established timeframe and to conduct economic analysis of the financial and economic activities of the Company.

     To organise accounting on the basis of established rules for accounting and is obliged to ensure    

     complete accounting of incoming cash, inventories and fixed assets, as well as timely reflection of transactions related to their movement in the accounting records

     reliable accounting of the execution of cost estimates, sales of products and other work, the preparation of economically justified report calculations of the cost of products, work and services

     Accurately record the results of the Company`s business and financial activities in accordance with the established rules

     Correct accrual and timely transfer of payments to the budget, state social insurance contributions, repayment of debts to banks on loans within the established time limits, deductions to funds and reserves

     preparation of reliable accounting records on the basis of primary accounting documents and submitting them within the established deadlines to the relevant authorities;     

     The Chief Accountant-Chief Executive Officer shall be actively involved in the preparation of measures that prevent the formation of deficiencies and illegal spending of cash and inventory, violations of financial and business discipline;

     The Chief Accountant-Chief Executive Officer is prohibited to accept for execution and execution documents on operations that contradict the legislation and the established procedure for the receipt, storage and expenditure of cash, inventories and other values;

     Documents serving as grounds for receipt and issuance of cash and inventory, as well as credit and settlement obligations shall be signed by the Chairperson of the Board-Rector or a person who has been delegated the authority, or persons authorised by them. Authorisation to sign documents by such persons shall be formalised by an order of the Company;

     The above documents without the signature of the Chief Accountant-Chief Executive Officer or persons authorised by him/her shall be deemed invalid and shall not be accepted for execution by materially liable persons and employees of the accounting department of the Company.

     Maintains a policy of reporting potential or past breaches of the anti-corruption policy, the conflict of interest policy and other internal anti-corruption regulations to the Company`s management.  

Business trip:



Economic education, DIPIFR certificate, professional accountant certificate

Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

Minimum of 5 years of work experience in accounting and finance, including senior positions

Professional competencies:

Professionalism, knowledge and skills of applying the requirements of normative and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Personal competencies and qualities:

High civic responsibility, developed sense of duty and responsibility for performance of duties, adherence to norms of professional ethics

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

Kazakh - fluent

Russian - fluent

English - preferably at least


Computer skills:

Advanced knowledge of Excel, ability to work with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, 1C

CV submission deadline:

Till 20.07.2022.

The contact person:

Uzakbayeva Nazgul

(8727) 2-91-34-35, m.t. +77785832688




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