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Competition for a vacancy of Specialist of the Human Resources Policy Department


Vacancy is closed


Announcement of a competition to fill a vacant position of a specialist in the Personnel Policy Department of the NAO "Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai".


Please send your CV by email, and also contact by phone: 8-778-583-26-88


Qualification requirements:

A person with a higher (or postgraduate) education in the relevant field of personnel training is appointed to the position of a specialist in the Personnel Policy Department without presenting work experience requirements.


Functional responsibilities:

1) to carry out work on the implementation and improvement of HR processes in the field of personnel management in the Company;

2) participate in the development of draft regulations on structural divisions and job descriptions, as well as internal acts of the Company on issues in the field of personnel management (rules, regulations, instructions, etc.) within their competence, as well as make timely changes to them;

3) organize the work of the process of search, hiring, adaptation and development of personnel, participates in the work on recruitment, selection, placement of personnel;

4) in accordance with labor legislation, conduct personnel administration (registration, accounting and registration of orders for personnel (admission, dismissal, transfer, incentives and awards, disciplinary penalties, business trips, vacations, etc.);

5) keep records, filling out and storing workbooks, keep registration, accounting and registration of certificates from the place of work of employees of the Company as necessary;

6) keep records and storage of personal files of employees of the Company;

7) prepare reports in the field of personnel management, etc.



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