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A speaking club in Kazakh has opened at Abai University!!!


If you find it difficult to speak Kazakh fluently, if you have difficulty communicating your opinion, if you have an accent, and if you want to improve your Kazakh, then you are welcome to join us!


SPEAKING CLUB in the Kazakh language is a Kazakh speaking club in the format of free communication, practicing spoken Kazakh. By trying to understand the speeches of our speakers, our guests, students enrich their vocabulary. By immersing themselves in the language environment, socializing, discussing books, news, watching movies and playing games in Kazakh, participants of our club become relaxed, overcome fear of speaking Kazakh, gain an important skill and finally start to speak Kazakh! Entrance to the club is FREE for every student!


OUR INSTAGRAM: | - places are limited! WATSAP: +77088063860 ARUJAN