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Dear teachers and students!


We invite you teachers, students, especially those who are in the last year of study, to a unique lecture, which will be held by Ms. Gunda Tire (Project Manager of the national PISA program in Estonia) this Thursday, February 15th at 10.00 am in Lecture Hall 202. The topic of the lecture will be devoted to the results and conclusions of the PISA study 2022, as well as the lessons that can be learned from them for Estonia and Kazakhstan.


PISA (International Student Assessment Program) is held every three years, and its purpose is to study and evaluate the quality of education in various countries of the world. The results of this study can be a valuable source of information for improving educational systems and providing better opportunities for students.


Gunda Tire a recognized expert in the field of education, will talk about the key findings of PISA 2022 and discuss what lessons can be learned from them for Estonia and Kazakhstan. She will share her knowledge and experience, as well as offer practical recommendations and solutions that can help educational institutions and educators improve their work and learning effectiveness.


This lecture will be especially useful for students in their final year who will become future teachers. Getting information about the latest achievements of PISA research and learning lessons that can be applied in their own practice will help them improve their skills and make the most effective curricula.

We invite everyone interested to attend a lecture from Gunda Dash on the topic "What we can learn from the results of PISA 2022-lessons for Estonia and Kazakhstan". This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest data and research in the field of education, as well as to discuss practical approaches to their implementation.