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Vacancy of the Public Relations Department


Name of vacant position:

Video Editor of the Public Relations Department

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

1. Planning and organisation of information programmes concerning the Company`s activities;
2. Creating a system of business and PR information sources;
3. Formation of a positive image of the Company among the public by means of mass media;
4. Presenting the Company`s attitude to social, political and other socially significant issues through mass media;
5. Dissemination of materials in press, radio and TV about the main directions of the Company`s development, social and economic situation of the university and the industry as a whole, about scientific, creative and sports achievements of the Company;
6. Summarising, analysing and bringing to the attention of the Company`s management the materials published in the press and devoted to the Company and the industry as a whole;
7. Responding to critical remarks made to the Company in the mass media;
8. Organising and conducting meetings and interviews in the media on topical issues of the Company`s current activities;
9. Preparation of video films, creation and replenishment of video and photo materials about the achievements of students and faculty members, about the activities of the Society and its divisions;
10. Preparation of regular and special issues of the university newspaper "Abai University";
11. Organisation of work on maintaining and improving the image of the Society in the external environment;
12. Planning and organisation, together with institutes, departments and other structural subdivisions, of work to maintain and improve information exchange within the university;
13. Organisation of work to study public opinion in order to make recommendations on forming a positive image of the Company;
14. Information support of the Company`s Web-site.

Main job responsibilities:

1. Participate in all activities organised by the University;
2. Participate in video shoots;
3. Conduct non-linear editing of video footage;
4. ensure the artistic and technical quality of editing;
5. be responsible for the sound recording of the video material;
6. prepare preliminary assembly of scenes according to the script;
7. to ensure the safety of the archive of video materials in the hard disc memory at the TV studio;
8. ensure broadcasting of the finished video materials on the territory of the Company`s educational building;
9. fulfil official instructions of the Director of the Department.

Travelling on business trips:

If necessary


Higher technical education, work experience in a professional field or in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position.

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

Experience in a similar position for at least 2 years.

Personal competences and qualities:

Responsibility, punctuality, decency, aspiration to new knowledge.

Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Fluency in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Deadline for submission of CV:

Until 21 February 2024

Contact Person:

Abdykadyrkyzy Rimma

8778 908 09 20