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Аcademic Mobility
 Gulnara Jangirova
Senior Coordinator

Dostyk Avenue 13, office 300.
 +7 (727) 293-85-79

 Karlygash Mukhanova
Head of the Office for Academic Mobility

Dostyk Avenue 13, office 300.
 +7 (727) 293-85-79


Sector of academic mobility KazNPU named after Abai is part of the university and reports directly to the Head of the teaching management KazNPU named after Abai.
Sector of academic mobility is intended to bring the academic mobility of students and teachers, as well as implementation of the learning process of university basic parameters ECTS.
Aim of the Sector of academic mobility is improving the quality of vocational training on the basis of cooperation with domestic and international academic community through participation in the programs of academic mobility.
Main objectives of the Sector of academic mobility are:
1. Development of regulations for the implementation of programs of academic mobility: concepts, regulations and instructions;
2. Ensuring and coordination implementation of programs of academic mobility across faculties and departments of the University - Vice-dean for academic mobility and international cooperation and heads of departments on scientific innovation work and international cooperation;
3. Undertake a wide information-explained work among students of training opportunities for academic mobility programs at leading local and foreign universities;
4. Coordination and implementation of the competitive selection of candidates for academic mobility program grant and extra-budgetary basis;
5. Helping the learner to select another university (within the country or abroad) for training programs of academic mobility, determining the list of subjects for the study and registration of an application to another university;
6. Negotiations with partner universities about teaching students KazNPU named after Abai Academic Mobility (clarification terms of academic periods, issues of accommodation, etc.);
7. Timely visa support students who go to foreign universities for academic mobility program;
8. Assisting in the design of the invitations and documents for students.
9. Implementation of cooperation with universities, other universities and students on academic mobility.
10. Promote the interaction between the structural units of the University and the faculty on academic mobility of students.
11. Providing ongoing advice and assistance units and employees of the University, the Vice Deans for academic mobility and international co-heads of departments for scientific innovation and international cooperation on academic mobility of students.
12. Monitoring the execution of documents for leaving and returning students of the University of trips on academic mobility of students and collection of mission reports.
13. Writing reports on foreign teachers, researchers and professors.


The main areas of activity of the Sector academic mobility include:


advice on the preparation of documents for the application for participation in the programs of academic mobility;
presentations of educational and research programs offered by foreign universities-partners and representative offices;
use of new information technologies for the creation and administration of databases, specialized in the field of academic mobility, the exchange of relevant information of interest;
participation in the scientific and educational workshops, schools, conferences, symposia, congresses, exhibitions in Kazakhstan and abroad, aimed at the development of academic mobility;
research in the field of international education, including the marketing of the international market of educational services;
maintaining the initiative of university staff to develop all kinds of activities of the Sector academic mobility;
organization of the selection of students for study abroad programs of academic mobility;
coordinate the work of the coordinators of mobility and assistance departments of the University for the organization of mobility;
expertise and consulting in the field of international education and research projects and programs;
improve the forms and methods of training, development and implementation in the educational process of the latest techniques and technical training;
review of reports on the results of individual mobility programs and submission of proposals for the implementation of the agreements reached in the approval of the leadership of the university;
assist in the preparation of documents for participation in the international departments of the university programs and projects; preparation of reports and analytical and informational materials for MES.

Relations with other university departments.

Sector of academic mobility interacts with the directorates and chairs to form a contingent of students and teachers for academic mobility on the organization of the reception of students and teachers through the academic mobility:

Sector of academic mobility interacts with the registrar`s office for the exchange of teaching materials, as well as the formation of information on students` academic history;
It cooperates with the Department of movement of students and employment of graduates in the organization of documentary support academic mobility;
It interacts with the EMA through developing common technical documentation for the implementation of ECTS in the educational process at NMSU activities;
Center interacts c coordinators academic mobility in institutions.
It cooperates with the Office of International Cooperation for the organization of documentary support the exchange of students and teachers.
It cooperates with the department of organizational and personnel work on the design documentation support academic mobility.
It cooperates with the Institute of postgraduate education for the organization of academic mobility of undergraduates and doctoral candidates.
In its activities the sector of academic mobility guided orders and directives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the decisions of the Academic Council and Rector of the University, the University of QMS documented procedures.

Sector of academic mobility created by the University to organize and coordinate the movement of students and teachers and researchers on specific academic period (including the passage of the training or work experience), usually a semester or academic year at another institution of higher education (within the country or abroad) for teaching or research, with the obligatory perezachetom in the prescribed manner development of educational programs in the form of credits in high school for all levels of education: undergraduate, graduate, PhD-doctoral studies.