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 Tanzharykova Alua Vasilievna
Director of Institute
Doctor of Philological Sciences
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(776) -888- 88 -07

 Amirova Lazzat Tabigatovna
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727) 291-87-80, 8-778-522-53-13

 Naimanbayev Almas Abdymanapovich
Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs
Master, Senior Lecturer
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727)291-40-85, 8-707-822-94-02

  Kasenov Erlan Slambekuly
Deputy director for educational work
Candidate of philological sciences, Senior Lecturer
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727) 291-18-35, 8-701-552-77-86

 Abdigulova Saltanat Mukhtarqyzy
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs in the specialties of foreign languages
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727) 291-87-80, 8-775-455-93-76


In 1928, the university had the only faculty consisting of physics and mathematics, linguistics and pedagogy. In the 30s of the XX century on the basis of the Department of Linguistics opened the Faculty of Philology, which admitted 49 students. The foundation of the faculty was laid by A. Baitursynov, K. Zhubanov, S. Seifullin, S. Amanzholov, M. Auezov and others.

Today, the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is a center of traditional and modern education, which combines Kazakh, Russian and foreign philology, literary studies and linguistics. There are about 3,000 students and 53 of them are foreign citizens.

The Institute provides different clubs to develop the scientific and creative abilities of students, they are scientific club named after K Zhumalieva, «Soztanym», «Tiltanym», literary association named after S. Seifullin, clubs «Poetic Friday», «Tagylym», «Zhas philologist», circle «Til», «Agylshyn tili 21 gasyrda» (Modern English in the 21st century), «Sinologist», English language club "English Club «iCan», art club «FilART».

The student creative association «Kultegin» was created in the 2020-2021 academic year. It unites youth clubs and organizations such as: the student theater «Urker», the dance group «AIDAI», the music club « Abaimuzic», the sports organization «Abadan», the club of young journalists «QALAMGER», the organization «ABAImedia».

The material and technical base of the Institute meets modern requirements, the classrooms are equipped with information technology systems, there are 2 computer classes, 2 language laboratories, more than 10 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards. Also students are provided with a dormitory.

The Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is a real workshop that teaches language and literature, the art of speech and culture. The knowledge and experience gained here provides an opportunity for self-realization and personal growth, and creates prospects for the disclosure of creative potential in a rapidly changing world.

Welcome to the world of bright, memorable, multifaceted student life at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education!

Directions of the institute`s work
Educational and educational-methodical activities
Research activities
International relations
Educational and social work

Structure of the institute
Departement of Kazakh language and literature named after academician S.S. Kirabаyev
Departement of Russian language and literature
Departement of Foreign Languages
Departement of Oriental Philology and Translation