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 Tulegenova Malika Baltabaevna
Head of the Chair
Senior Lecturer
Zhambyl str.25


Department of Foreign Languages of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education ​​was founded in 1928. The first Нeads of Departments were: G.Shvartsman, M.R.Dzhumabayeva, K.M.Mamytbekov. From 1997 to 2015, the department was chaired by professor Kultai Sultanovna Mussayeva, candidate of pedagogical sciences, and professor Zhumagali Abuov, doctor of philological sciences. In 2021, Department was renamed to Department of Practical English, Malika Baltabaevna Tulegenova was appointed as the Head of Department.


The department is aimed to be a service office, inasmuch as its teaching staff provides lessons for all Educational Program enrolment at the institutes of "Philology and multilingual education", "Pedagogy and psychology", "History and law", "Mathematics, physics and computer science", "Natural science and geography", "Art of culture and sports" based at the university, practical classes in "Foreign Language", "Advanced Foreign Language", "Professional Foreign Language" are offered to students and undergraduates using advanced teaching methods.


The department comprises 46 teachers, including:

- 1 candidate of sciences

- 1 PhD, senior lecturer

- 44 MBA, senior lecturers.


Policy and structure of Department

- increasing the relevance of teaching foreign languages ​​using active methods;
- implementing new technologies and the use of technological teaching aids;
- enhancing the language and scientific and methodological qualifications of the staff;
- involving the staff in scientific and methodological conferences;
- publishing scientific article, elaborating textbooks and teaching aids.

Educational and methodological council at the department ensures the improvement of the professional skills of the staff and the achievement of high level standarts. Head of the Council is Sophia Maykenovna Lukpanova.

General information about the department