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Scientific internship of undergraduates

Scientific internship is implemented in scientific organizations and/or organizations of relevant industries or fields of activity on the basis of the agreement concluded between the university and organization-basis of internship, as well as personal invitation.

Duration of scientific training for Master students is no more than 10 days, including travel. Master student`s scientific internship is formalized by the order of the Rector of the University.

For registration of scientific internship a Master student should submit the following documents to the Department of International Engagement according to the list:

- application for scientific internship in the name of the rector of the university with the agreed visas of the academic supervisor, head of the department, dean of the faculty/director of the institute, chief accountant and head of the Center for Postgraduate Education;
- copy of the agreement/memorandum with the partner universities;
- transcript (if the scientific internship is carried out abroad).

Within five calendar days after the scientific internship, a graduate student must submit a report on the results of scientific internship (in the case of foreign scientific internship, the report in Kazakh/Russian and English), which includes the following sections:
1.Information on scientific research of the organization where the graduate student underwent scientific internship.
2. List, characteristics, contents of works completed during scientific internship: Report of scientific internship is completed in 2 copies: one is submitted to the graduating department, the second is handed over for accounting in Department of international engagement.

The costs of the scientific internship of a Master`s student studying under the state educational order shall be reimbursed at the expense of the state Master`s training program. A Master`s student studying on a contractual basis shall do the scientific internship at the expense of his/her own funds.


Scientific internship for doctoral students

In accordance with paragraph 76 of the State compulsory standard of postgraduate education (approved by the Minister of Education and Science of RK on October 31, 2018 № 604) "As part of the research work of the doctoral student individual plan of work of the doctoral student for exposure to innovative technologies and new types of industries provides for compulsory scientific internship in research organizations and (or) organization of the relevant industries or fields, including overseas.

Doctoral students, as a rule, pass scientific internship at the place of work of the foreign scientific adviser at the foreign university or the scientific center, and also can pass in the Kazakhstani scientific organizations or organizations of corresponding branches or spheres of activity, or online in the Kazakhstani and foreign universities.

Base of scientific training is determined by the scientific adviser and doctoral student in accordance with the direction of the thesis research and considered and approved at the meeting of the Department and the Academic Council of the Faculty.

Funding for the scientific internship is carried out at the expense of the doctoral students, allocated by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In order to undertake an internship, doctoral students must prepare:
1. Application to the Rector.
2. An invitation letter from the host organization;
3. An individual plan for a Master`s degree program.
4. Individual plan for Ph.D. students` internship


After completing their Internship, doctoral students should submit the following documents to the Dean`s Office:
1. Certificate or Review
2. Internship Report
3. Financial Report to the Accountancy Office (Main Building, 214)