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For students who are sent for an internship in the near and far abroad, it is necessary to obtain a visa. The visa is issued 1 month before the expected date of the trip. Assistance in visa registration is provided by the Department of International Engagement.

Documents for visas to the Consulates of foreign countries students apply independently.

For visa registration the following documents are required:
- an original and a copy of a passport, the validity of which ends not less than 6 months after the end of the period of the visa requested;
- the original and a copy of the official invitation;
- confirmation of hotel reservation, student hostel or a letter from the owner of the rented apartment for the whole period of the stay;
- certificate from the place of study;
- health insurance policy;
- confirmation of round-trip airfare;
- a bank reference or letter from the University confirming payment of part of the expenses.


The list of required documents may vary depending on the requirements of Consulates, which should be consulted on the official pages of foreign embassies.