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A master`s or doctoral student upon return to the University must submit a report on the results of the scientific internship at the meeting of the graduating department.

Within 5 days after the end of the scientific internship, a student must submit to the Department of International Engagement a report on the completion of scientific internship and a document certifying the passage of the scientific internship (certificate, certificate, etc.).

The report must include a detailed description of the implementation of all items in accordance with previously approved program internship and signed by the supervisor, head of department and the director of the Institute.

The learner financed at the expense of the republican budget and/or at the expense of incomes received in the organization of education implementing educational programs of higher and (or) postgraduate education from realization of paid educational services, after return should submit the following documents to the Accounting and Reporting Department of the University within five days:
- documents confirming travel to the destination and return (fiscal check, e-ticket, boarding passes (economy class ticket);
- fiscal checks for transfers (train or bus tickets from the airport to the host institution);
- fiscal checks and documents confirming the rental of accommodation (living in the host institution`s dormitory or renting an apartment);
- A receipt and the original copy of your health insurance;
- fiscal check or receipt from the embassy for visa processing;
- other expenses provided by the national budget program and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of documents confirming expenses, within the approved estimates, but not more than actually incurred expenses and approved by the legislation and the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.