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Speaking about the scientific schools formed at the university, it is necessary to speak first of all about pedagogical science. Its active formation took place in the 40-80s of the twentieth century. In these years major historical-pedagogical, didactic, methodical problems of education development were developed in the studies of T.Tazhibaev, R.G. Lemberg, S.A. Sitdykov, A. I. Sembaev, K. Berzhanov, S. Musin, G.A. Umanov, N.D. Khmel, R.D. Irzhanova, G.M. Khrapchenkov, K.K. Kunantaeva, K.B. Zharikbaev, H.K. Argynov, M.A. Kudaykulov, A.P. Seiteshev, T.S. Sabirov and others.


A landmark moment in the development of pedagogical science in Kazakhstan in the 40s was the appearance of a whole group of scientists from the centre of Russia. One of such scientists was Professor R.G. Lemberg. Before her exile to Kazakhstan (1937) 13 years of her pedagogical activity took place in the walls of the Institute named after A.I. Herzen. In the walls of KazPI named after Abai she formed the first scientific school. Pupils and followers of this school were widely known in Kazakhstan prominent scientists K.B. Berzhanov, G.A. Umanov, N.D. Khmel, R.D. Irzhanova, I.M. Kuzmenko, B.R. Aitmambetova, B.I. Mukanova, A.A. Beisenbaeva, T.S. Sabirov, G.K. Baideldinova, N.D. Ivanova, E.I. Shnybekova and others.


The results of R.G. Lemberg`s research, who stood in the 40-50s at the origin of the development in the USSR of extremely topical and important complex general didactic problems of activation of students` learning activities, teaching methods, typology of lessons and optimisation of their conduct through the implementation of logical connection of all links of the cognitive process, are in demand to this day.

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR T.Tazhibaev can be called a pioneer of research in the field of history of pedagogy. In his fundamental scientific work "On the history of development of pedagogy and psychology at the end of XIX century in Kazakhstan" he wrote about the systemic interrelation and continuity of psychological and pedagogical ideas of traditional "folk pedagogy" and pedagogy based on the results of scientific research of great scientists and educators Abai, Chokan Valikhanov and Ybyrai Altynsarin.

An invaluable contribution to the development of historical and pedagogical topics was made by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor K.B. Berzhanov. His researches are inseparably connected with the theme of progressive importance of advanced Russian culture and public thought for the development of education in Kazakhstan, starting from the second half of the XVIII century. Under the guidance of Professor K.B. Berzhanov 35 people became candidates of pedagogical sciences.

A significant trace was left by a prominent state and public figure (since 1941 he had been the People`s Commissar of Education of the Kaz SSR for 14 years), scientist-pedagogue, doctor of pedagogical sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, professor Sembaev A.I. Wide use of archival materials and statistical data allowed him to trace the stages of formation and development of the school system in the republic, to reveal its peculiarities, to show the dynamics of training of pedagogical personnel in the republic during the years of Soviet power (monograph "The History of Development of Soviet Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan").

An important contribution to the development of professional education and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for secondary and higher educational institutions of the republic was made by Umanov G.A. - doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, talented teacher, who for 25 years headed the department of pedagogy in the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute named after Abai. His works "History of creation and tendencies of development of vocational education in Kazakhstan", "Causes of juvenile delinquency in the USSR", "Difficult children" should be especially noted. He owns the idea of creation of scientific-teaching-methodical complexes (STMC) on the basis of school (1988). Under his supervision, he defended over 90 candidate and 22 doctoral theses. He published more than 120 scientific works, which were printed in the USA, Germany, France, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Japan.


The scientific and pedagogical school of Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor Khmel N.D. was formed in Abai KazPI (now Abai KazNPU), the theoretical prerequisite for the establishment of which was the establishment of an integral pedagogical process as an object of pedagogical activity, within which teachers and students are subjects of activity. Kazakhstan researchers of this direction were included in the all-union program "Teacher" (1986-1996).


The most important task in the years of Kazakhstan`s independence was the constant search for ways and means of professional training of pedagogical personnel of Kazakhstan in the context of world trends, in accordance with the national, economic, spiritual and cultural needs of the developing Kazakh society. In solving these issues, a significant contribution was made by the research of T.C. Sadykov, A.P. Seiteshev, A.A. Beisenbaeva, K.K. Zhampeisova, G.K. Nurgalieva, N.N. Khan, G.T. Khairullin, A.E. Abylkasymova, E.U. Medeuov, A.N. Ilyasova, V.G. Khrapchenkov, B.A. Almukhambetov, R.K. Bekmagambetova, A.K. Satova, L.N. Narikbaeva and many others.


Over the years of existence of KazNPU named after Abay, scientific schools have been formed in many other areas of science: in philology (Orazbayeva F.Sh., Kelimbetov N.K., Adibaev H.A., Zhanalina L.K., Akhmetzhanova Z.K., Shelyakhovskaya L.P., Zhovtis A.L.), in philosophy and social sciences (Shulembayev K.Sh, Esim G., Sabit M. Absattarov R.B.), in historical science (Sadykov T.S., Koigeldiev M.K., Kuznetsov E.A.), in physical, mathematical and natural sciences (Ualiev G.A., Bidaybekov E.Y., Boos E.G., Bektemesov M.A., Kulbek M.K., Kozhamkulov B.A., Beisenova A.S.). In the field of art and culture formed directions, which were led by famous in Kazakhstan artists: Tolepbai Erbolat, Nurlybaev Muratbek, Narymbetov Moldakul, Vladimir Vlasyuk, Alexei Begov; in the field of sports - doctors of sciences, professors Adambekov K.I., Karakov A.K., Kudasheva L.R., Khlystov M.S. and others.