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The Scientific Advisory Council serves as an advisory and consultative collegial body on matters related to the development of the potential of scientific research, scientific cooperation with other educational and scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as those abroad.


The main tasks of the Scientific Advisory Council include consideration and preparation of recommendations on the following issues:

1) Support for the scientific potential of educational institutions;
2) Development of scientific cooperation and joint research with leading educational and scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign universities, and international organizations;
3) Consideration of the thematic focus of project proposals and organizational issues related to obtaining grant support for scientific research from various sources conducted at the University;
4) Analysis of project implementation and research, summarizing the experience of scientific research work at the University;
5) Scientific and methodological support for educational programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in master`s and doctoral programs;
6) Expert evaluation of monographs and other scientific publications;
7) Collaboration with the University`s Council of Young Scientists;
8) Support and development of student science; facilitating the organization of competitions for scientific works of students, master`s and doctoral students;
9) Consideration of the thematic focus of planned scientific conferences, events of the Science Decade;
10) Evaluation of proposed technologies for commercializationthe results of the research works by departments of the University, and others.

The Scientific Advisory Council comprises 17 highly qualified scientists recognized by the scientific community of Kazakhstan and internationally in their respective fields of science, as well as possessing unique experience in leading scientific projects.


Regulation on the Scientific Advisory Council 


Procedure for the Operation of the Scientific Advisory Council: Council meetings are held upon receipt of applications.


Documents for consideration by the Council are accepted no later than five working days before the meeting.


Council meetings are held in offline format.