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For registration of scientific study abroad students must submit to the Department of International Engagement 5 weeks (near abroad), 7 weeks (far abroad) before the proposed date of the trip the following documents:
- Application to the Chairman of the Board - Rector of the NJSC "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" with the visa supervisor, the head of the department, the director of the institute, the chief accountant;
- A copy of the official letter - an invitation for an internship from the host institution, scientific organization and/or organization. If there is an invitation in a foreign language, an unofficial translation of the invitation is attached;
- Individual internship program and weekly plan certified by the academic supervisor, head of department and the host organization (a scanned version from the host organization is allowed);
- Extract from the minutes of the department meeting with the discussion of the individual plan for the internship;

On the basis of the signed application of the student Department of International Engagement within 5 working days forms the order of assignment of the student on scientific training.

The students who are sent to the scientific internship are obliged to:
- Submit the documents for the assignment in a timely manner;
- Comply with the terms of the internship specified in the order of direction for scientific internship;
Failure to comply with the terms of departure and arrival at the University, provided by the order for the scientific internship without a valid reason and the proper execution of documents, is a violation of academic discipline and serves as grounds for non-admission to the final certification.

If there is a valid reason preventing the departure, the student must submit to the Department of International Cooperation a motivated application in the name of the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the University with the visas of the academic supervisor, head of department, director of the institute with the attachment of a supporting document.

- Trainees must comply with the rules of internal order and the charter of the host university or scientific organization.

The direction of students for an internship is formalized by order of the Chairman of the Board - the Rector of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University with the indication of:
- the place of internship and the name of the organization;
- period of the internship;
- terms of reimbursement of travel expenses (source of funding for the internship).