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Educational events at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education


Educational work at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is a complex of large-scale events held in parallel with the educational process.


The content of the educational process at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is aimed at creating favorable conditions for students personal and professional development, the formation of professional and general cultural competencies, basic social and personal qualities such as spirituality, morality, the ability to express oneself creatively, and commitment to cultural values.


Directions of the Institute`s educational process:

I. Implementation of the program «Rukhani zhangyru»

II. National education and promotion of Abai`s heritage

III. Increasing the creative potential of young people

IV. Improving the system of students` self-management

V. Development of the volunteer movement

VI. Formation of entrepreneurial skills

VI. Academic Integrity Policy

III. Development of mass sports

IX. Work on student social support

X Works on students` psychological support

XI. Educational management system

XII. Holidays and significant events


There are various student clubs to increase students` social activity in the Institute: «Soztanim», «Tiltanym», «Creative Association named after S. Seifullin», international Association «Kültegin», a cultural and educational club «Umai», «Supreme English», interpreters club «Translator» and the club «Ya otkryl dlya sebya poeta».


Participation in student clubs offers many advantages: the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, work in a team, the ability to set and achieve goals, the development of creative abilities, as well as an interesting and fun pastime.


Educative work at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is a set of activities carried out in parallel with the educational process.


The purpose of educative work at the institute is to improve the creative abilities of students through the organizations of events.

Educational work plan for the 2020/2021 academic year


 Information about educational activities carried out with students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education


Name of the event


Time of execution


Responsible person


"The pillar of Independence - the Constitution"

1-4th year students

28 08 2021

ZOOM platform

Senior teachers

Abdigulova SM

Suleimenova SN


"Language is the treasure of nation"

1-4th year students

05 09 2021

Room 425

Deputy Minister of Education, activists of the Institute


"My mother tongue is a proof of my life"

1st year students

13 09 2021

Room 411

Teacher of the Institute

Orazova RK


"My teacher, my teacher"


1-4th year students

05 10 2021

conference hall 225

Activists of the institute, advisors of 1,2,3 courses


"The Turks from the same root ..."

1st year students

11 10 2021

Room 420

Teachers of the institute

Zhunusova M ..

Askarova G.


Charity event "If you are generous, you will be no less ..."

1-4th year students

05 10 2021

№1 orphanage

Activists of the institute


"A trip to the museums of Almaty"

1-4th year students

22 10 2021

Almaty Museum

Activists of the institute


"... Poetry, were you twins with me !?"

1-4th year students

13 11 2021

conference hall 202

Deputy Minister of Education


"I do not write poems for fun..."

1-4th year students

19 11 2021

conference hall  225

Activists of the institute


"History of one song ..." (meeting with traditional singer Nurzhan Zhanpeisov)

1-4th year students

21 11 2021

Smart coworking center

Deputy Minister of Education


Academic loyalty: student and session

1-4th year students

25 11 2021

Room 425

Deputy Minister of Education


"Sport - the world of youth"

1-4th year students

25 11 2021


Teachers of the institute


"Be strong, Independence"

1-4th year students

14 12 2021

Room 425

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Esbosynov EZ


"Wiseness and academic honesty"

1-4th year students

20 12 2021

Room 42


  Ikramova А.


"Welcome, Az Nauryz!"

1-4th year students

01 04 2022

Sports complex named after M. Auezov

Senior teacher

S. Suleimenova


"Song is the light of the heart"

1-4th year students

14 04 2022

225 конференц зал

Activists of the institute


15 Visit of student groups of the State Museum of Arts named after Kasteev, dedicated to his 45th birthday

1-4th year students

22 04 2022

Kasteev  Museum

Teachers of the institute

Havaidarova MM, Bagymbaeva FT


"Journey to the life of nomads ..."

1-4th year students

23 04 2022


Deputy Minister of Education,

Activists of the institute


"Solidarity. Friendship. Unity "

1-4th year students

29 04  2022

Room 425

Senior teacher

Kospaganbetova N.Kh.


"A man`s name is in the people`s memory"

1-4th year students

05 05 2022

28 Panfilov Park

Activists of the institute


"Political persecution: the tragedy of the turbulent years"

1-4th year students

September-May , 2021-2022

Museum in the village of Zhanalyk, Almaty region

Activists of the institute