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 Ilyassova Nagima Abzelbekkyzy
Head of the Chair
Doctor of philological sciences, professor
Dostyk ave. 13



Training of competitive teachers of the Kazakh language and literature, guided by the most important advanced methods of world trends, the principles of democratic education, personalized learning (personalization); deeply understanding the role of the teacher, able to adapt national values to modern education.


Concept: Becoming a leading center for training teachers of the Kazakh language and literature of a new formation.


About the department

The history of the department begins with the "Department of Linguistics-Pedagogy", which was headed by A.Baitursynov in 1928-1929 and K.Zhubanov in 1932-1937. In 1937, it was divided into separate departments dedicated to the teaching of the Kazakh language and literature.


Since September 2020, the head of the department is Doctor of Philology N.A. Ilyasova. (link)


Address of the department: Dostyk str., 13. № 423, the 4th floor.


Teaching staff of the department

Academicians of NAS RK - 1; corresponding members of NAS RK - 1; doctors of sciences - 14; professors - 8; associate professors - 13; candidates of pedagogical sciences - 25; PhD doctors - 5; senior teachers - 2; senior teachers with a master`s degree - 16.


Scientific and methodological accomplishments:

Fundamental research projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2;

Scientific monographs - 38; 

Textbooks and teaching aids published for universities - 51.

Educational and methodological manuals published for universities - 7

Articles in journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus databases - 4


Student contingent

In the 2021/2022 academic year, 1234 bachelors, 88 masters and 23 doctoral students are studying at the department. There are 1,345 students in total. The share of international students is 0.1%.


Auditorium fund for the organization of the educational processes of the department:

- 4 auditoriums equipped with ICT facilities;

- 3 auditoriums equipped with a panel boards;

- 1 computer classroom;

- 1 language lab;

- 18 auditoriums.


Training of specialists through three levels of education (bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies) is carried out according to the following educational programs:



Master`s degree


6В01701 - Kazakh language and literature

7М011701 - Kazakh language and literature

8D011701 - Kazakh language and literature

6В01704 - Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools

7М01704 - Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools

8D01704 - Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools

6В02207 - Turkology

7М02207 - Turkology


6В02301 - Philology

7М02301 - Philology

8D02301 - Philology


7M02304 - Linguistics

8D02304 - Linguistics


7М02308 - Literary criticism

8D02305 - Literary criticism


Advantages of studying in our specialty

- continuing education: bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies;
- education in foreign countries under academic mobility programs;
- active participation in educational work, online courses based on the teachings of the great Abai "Perfect Man";
- advanced training and professional development of future teachers within the framework of the professional support forum;
- The ability to analyze works of art in the updated educational program for the project for students "The beauty of the word in education";
- Analysis of the materials of grammar of the Kazakh language and Kazakh literature according to advanced methods in the student methodical club "The Heart of the school";
- Improving the scientific, cultural, historical cognitive abilities of students through activities of the clubs "Soz-tanym", "Til-tanym", "Erudite", "Umai"

International cooperation

- on the basis of a joint contract with 12 leading universities of the world, the teaching staff exchanges experience with scientists of the Poland under the Erasmus+ program;
- under the program of academic mobility, students study at the University of Fırat in Turkey;
- In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 604 from 31.10.2018, master`s and doctoral students study in Poland, Turkey, Russia, etc.; also they undergo scientific training abroad;
- Close cooperation has been established with scientists from foreign partner universities in research, educational and methodological work.

Foreign partners





 Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajniyaz



Kazan Federal University



Chirchiq State Pedagogical Institute



Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań



Kastamonu University



Yildiz Technical University



Sytky Kochman University in Mugla



Ege University



Firat University



Istanbul University



Gazi University



Khojatepe University



Ysyk-Kol State University named after K. Tynystanov