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Department of Kazakh Language Theory and Teaching Methods


Research Activity

The department of the Theory of the Kazakh Language and Methodology of its Teaching at the Institute of Philology, Abai KazNPU, is one of the fundamental departments in the republic for training teachers of the Kazakh language and literature. The department conducts research in linguistic education and implements research projects in accordance with the strategic direction of our state. Research works addressing issues such as language laws and norms during the transition to the Latin script, teaching the national alphabet, methodology of level paradigms in teaching the Kazakh language, the linguistic content of Kazakh society, and current problems in teaching the Kazakh language and literature in a new direction are published.


The department takes a leadership role in studying issues of communicative, functional, pragmatic, structural linguistics, linguoculturology, and classical, modernist, postmodernist literature in connection with national values.

The scientific potential of the department is 78%.


Directions of research:

- national cultural code in Kazakh philology and innovations in education;

- perpetuating the history of Kazakh language and Kazakh literature;

-  innovative technologies of Kazakh language and literature;

- functional literacy of reading and writing.


The department closely co-operates with scientists from the following foreign universities, domestic research institutions, and higher educational establishments.

Foreign universities:

- Kazan Federal University (Russia);

-  Gorno-Altaisk State University (Russia);

- Chuvash State University (Russia) named after I.N.Ulyanov

- Ege University (Turkey);

-  Firat University (Turkey);

-  Istanbul University (Turkey);

- Gazi University (Turkey);

-  Muğla Sıtkı Kocman (Turkey);

- Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University;

- Mirzo Ulugbek University of Uzbekistan,

-  Mickiewicz University (Poland)

- University of Freiburg (Germany).


Domestic research institutions:

- Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baitursynuly.

- M.Auezov Institute of Literature and Art.

- Kazakh Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin

- Institute of State Language Development,

- Institute of Education Content Development.


Domestic universities:

- Gumilev ENU;

- Al-Farabi KazNU;

- Kazakh National Women`s Teacher Training University;

- A.Baitursynuly Kostanay State University;

- M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University;

- Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University; 

- K.Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University


Over the past five years, the department has produced approximately 100 scientific monographs, textbooks, and teaching aids. Notably, the department has made a significant contribution to the preparation of textbooks such as «Kazakh tili» and «Ana tili» for schools. The department`s staff collaborates closely with publishing houses, including «Ata Mura», «Mektep», «Arman-PV», «Kokjiek», contributing to the development of school textbooks and teaching materials.  Annually, the department`s staff publishes more than 200 articles in materials presented at foreign and domestic scientific conferences, in various mass media outlets, and in journals listed by the Committee for Quality Assurance in the field of science of MSHE RK. These publications are also indexed in international databases such as Scopus and Web of Science. The department actively supervises doctoral students pursuing degrees in the directions of «8D01701-Kazakh language and literature», «8D02304-Linguistics». Furthermore, the department plays a crucial role in preparing 5-6 PhD doctors in each academic year.