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 Seidaliyeva Guldana Omarovna
Head of the Chair
PhD doctor, Senior lecturer
Zhambyl str.25
 +7(727)291-04-29, 8-702-906-23-77


The history of the Chair. The Chair of Foreign Languages was founded in 1928. The Chair was headed by B.M. Shvartsman, M.R. Dzhumabaeva, K.M. Mamytbekov. In 1998-2015 the head of the Chair was K.S. Musayeva. In 2016 the Chair was renamed «Professional Oriented Languages», Professor Zh. A. Abuovwas appointed as the head of the department.


In 2018 the Chair of Professional Oriented Languages joined to the Chair of the professional foreign language communication and was renamed the Chair of Foreign Languages and Professor Zh.A. Abuov remained as head of the department as before till September of 2019.

In September 2019 till February 2020 the head of the department was Ph.D. Kushchegalinova A.K.. And from the same month, the head of the department became the senior lecturer Tulegenova Malika Baltabaevna till now.

Currently, the department has 42 teachers (16 work part-time, 1 by contract). Among them: 2 professors, doctors of philological sciences, 3 associate professors, 8 candidates of sciences, 1 doctor of PhD, 18 senior masters of teachers, 10 master teachers.


The mission of the Chair: Training competitive specialist with habits and skills and practical knowledge of colloquial speech and language of specialty for active use of a foreign language, both in everyday life and professional dialogue able to perform life learning education and to improve their skills in the future due to the knowledge of foreign languages.

The chair is responsible for the bachelor degree (1,2,3,4 courses) and 1, 2 course Master`s Degreeon the speciality «Foreign language: two foreign languages» and also for the students,undergraduates in the Institutes of «Philology and Multilingual Education», «Pedagogy and Psychology» , «History and Law», «Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science», «Natural Science and Geography» and «Culture and Sport».


In 2016, the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency has accredited the Bachelor and Master Programs in 5B011900 Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages.


The strict requirements of the level of scientific work of students and undergraduates are established, and the degree of graduation research and master`s thesis is highly appreciated and their defense of a diploma is highly appreciated.


The educational program on the specialty «Foreign language: two foreign languages» (authors: Professor Ayapova T.T., senior lecturer Bukabayeva B.E., senior lecturer Kemelbekova Z.A.) was presented to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and received a positive assessment.


With the initiative of Doctor of Philology, Professor T.T. Ayapova the series «Multilingual Education and Philology of Foreign Languages» of the journal Vestnik was launched.


The documents of doctorate by the speciality «Foreign language: two foreign languages» for the Ministry of education and science were prepared under the supervision of doctor of philological sciences and professor Т.Т.Ayapova and by senior teachers and Ph.D. G.О.Seidalieva and Sh.А.Akimbekova.


On the base of planned project «Preparation of CLIL teachers and the development of education through innovative centre, the development of multilingual education at the Universities of Kazakhstan with including subject and language innovations» is going to launch the center.


The most important part of the department is also the fact that the teachers of the department often participate in preparing translations from the administration.


Professors Zh.A.Abuev and T.T.Ayapova arethe membersof National Commission on transition of Kazakh alphabet to Latin script.

The chair of professional foreign languages communication coinciding to the development of XXI century is going to put forward the development of gualitative human factor, also being one of the competitive chair in educational sphere of its university will do all possibilities to the development of university.