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The state budget grant project was won in the direction of scientific bases «Mangilik El» (education of the XXI century, fundamental and applied research in the field of Humanities) on the topic AP05134253 -«Dual-oriented education as a condition of enhancement in the professional training of a future teacher».

The following work was carried out on this project:
- Theoretical and methodological bases of training of future teachers on the basis of dual-oriented training are defined;
- In the 2018-2019 academic year, the subject «Integration activities of school-college-university» was taught for the first year students of the specialty 6M010300-Pedagogy and psychology (2 credits);
- In the 2018-2019 academic year, the curriculum of the specialty 5B010200-Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education was introduced and taught the subject «Fundamentals of dual training», specialty 6D010500-Defectology, the subject of «Dual training in the training of speech pathologists»;
- A survey was conducted with students of pedagogical specialties and employers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Federal Republic of Germany, their results were discussed;
- The questionnaire for employers of Kazakhstan consisted of 20 questions. In the period 02.04.2018 - 20.05.2018 an interview was conducted with 379 Directors and Deputy Directors (school, colleges) from the Zhambyl region Aktobe region, Almaty region, Almaty;
- 41 students and staff of the education sector of Germany were received and interviews were conducted from 20 to 29 October 2018. As a result, the Dean of the faculty of Humanities and social Sciences of the University of Nuremberg - Erlangen in Germany, Professor Wolfgen Peiffer; head of the Department of multidisciplinary pedagogy, Professor AA Rahoshkin, head of the Center for pedagogical education, Dr. Anna Ginkel (Germany, Bavaria); head of the center for practical consulting of the Ministry of education of the Federal district of Bavaria, Professor Klaus Wilde; the acting Director of the research center and teacher training, University of Leipzig, Alexander Biedermann, senior fellow Simon Polworth (Germany, Saxony) and Professor of Abai Kazakh national pedagogical university Ulzharkyn M. Abdigapbarova, Nadezhda B.Zhienbaeva came to a consensus that the prerequisites will be made, characteristic analysis based on the discussion in determining the place and role of the introduction of elements of dual education in the training of future teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The results of this work were shown in the publications of the countries of near and far abroad - 6; in international scientific conferences - 7; in the journals of the Committee for control of education and science - 7.