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Mevlana Exchange Program at Marmara University


Marmara University, Turkey invites those wishing to participate in the Mevlana exchange program in the following areas: «Musical education»,  «Art and Design», «Pedagogy, Humanities», «Mathematics and Computer Science».

Students of the undergraduate, master and doctoral studies can participate in the Mevlana exchange program.


Conditions for participation for students:
- students of the 1st year of undergraduate, graduate or doctorate studies can not participate in this program in the first semester of their studies, as well as third-year students cannot participate in the Mevlana program.
-the GPA of undergraduate students should be at least 2.5 / 4.0 (or 65% of the school`s progress out of 100%), GPA undergraduates and doctoral students - not lower than 3.0 / 4.0 (or 76.66% of the school`s performance out of 100%).
- the certificate of passing the test for knowledge of the Turkish language.
- knowledge of the English language will be a competitive advantage of the applicant.
- the assessment takes into account 50% of the GPA and 50% of the language proficiency.
- length of study: 4 months.

To participate in this program you need:
1. fill in the Candidate Student Application Form;
2. provide a transcript;
3. provide a language proficiency certificate.


All documents in electronic format (PDF) should be sent to by February 21, 2019. In the subject of the e-mail you must indicate the full name, specialty and course of study.

The scholarship for students at the University of Marmara is 1,200 Turkish liras per month, which is appointed for 4 months. The scholarship will be paid in two tranches: 80% of the scholarship is paid in the first tranche; second tranche - 20% scholarship after completion of training.
Expenses of flights, accommodation and visas at the expense of the student.

Terms of participation for Teaching staff
For the teachers, the Mevlana program provides for the Turkish-paid lecture to be given at least 6 hours a week. If teachers do not accumulate the required number of hours, then in this case, they will evaluate their seminars, work with groups, and also participate in conferences.

The duration of the mobility program for Teaching staff is planned from 2 weeks to 3 months.


To participate in this program, teachers should:
- fill in the Incoming Academic Staff Application;
- provide CV;
- prepare information on publications, presentations, projects;
- develop a work plan in the host institution;
- good command of English or Turkish (the certificate is presented at the request of the university).

You can find more information on the website:

All documents in electronic format (PDF) should be sent to by February 22, 2019. In the subject of the e-mail you must indicate the full name, name of the institute and department.

For participation in the Mevlana program, you must contact the International Programs and Cooperation Division, educational building No. 1, office. 205, tel .: 8 727 291 36 92.