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Dear applicants!


From February 25 to March 19 on the basis of the Republican educational and recreational center «Baldauren-Kapshagay» the Republican subject Olympiad among pupils of 11 classes - «Abai syiy -2019» will be held. The Olympiad is designed to increase the interest of students in the in-depth study of fundamental subjects, to reveal their creative abilities.


The Olympiad «Abai syiy -2019» is held in 2 rounds:

1 round. Qualifying. Held from February 25 to March 7 in the online-testing mode on the site;

2 round. Main. Held on March 18-19 on the basis of the Republican educational and recreational center «Baldauren-Kapshagai».


Languages ​​of the Olympiad: Kazakh, Russian, English. 


The Republican subject Olympiad «Abai syiy-2019» is held among 11th grade students in the following subjects:

1. Mathematics, Physics, Informatics;

2. Chemistry, Biology;

3. Geography;

4. Kazakh language and literature; Russian language and literature, English;

5. History of Kazakhstan, History of the world.


The list of participants that have passed the 2nd round will be published on March 8,on the site


Pupils who pass into the 2nd round must send (for scheduling a check-in) scanned tickets to their destination by mail to until March 10th. 


All costs associated with participation in the 2nd round of the Olympiad (transport, accommodation and meals at the Baldauren-Kapshagai RERC) are covered by the sending party.


Additional information can be found at


Olympiad venue address: Almaty region, Kapshagay city, north-west coast of the Kapshagay reservoir.


Tel. for information: 8(727)291-73-71, e-mail:, 8777 684 39 60; 8 747 198 40 72,



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