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Bekkozhanov Talgat Kusainovich
Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Development Department on production issues

Ualikhanov str., 64A



The purpose is development, preservation of the material base of the University and its functional support.


The structure of the Department includes:

- labour protection, safety and environmental protection service;

- operational and maintenance service;

- infrastructure service;

- service for monitoring of contracts and quality of services rendered;

- training and sports complex named after M. Auezov; training and sports complex named after M. Auezov; and M. Auezov;

- training and production complex " Ustaz";

- sector "Agrobiostation";

- department of transport provision.

Main tasks of the Department:

- Observance of rules and norms of labour protection and safety, sanitary norms and fire protection of buildings and premises where classrooms, offices and services of the Company are located.

- Ensuring economic maintenance and proper condition of buildings and premises in accordance with sanitary norms and fire protection norms of buildings and premises where classrooms, offices and services of the Company are located.

- Ensuring satisfactory technical condition and safe operation of gas, heat and ventilation equipment and systems, water supply, sewerage, electrical equipment.

- Providing the educational process with the necessary equipment and materials, office supplies.

- Control over the serviceability of equipment, lighting, ventilation systems, water supply, etc.

- Control over the rational use of materials and funds allocated for economic purposes.

- Organisation of timely inspection, testing, adjustment of all equipment and systems to support the Company`s operations.

- Ensuring current and capital repairs of the Company`s buildings and facilities.

- Control over rational use of funds allocated for repair of buildings and structures.

- Control over compliance with the technological sequence of repair and construction works.

- Control over the state of safety, elimination of identified deficiencies, violations of industrial sanitation rules during repair and construction works.

- Organisation of uninterrupted transport services for the Company and structural subdivisions to ensure rhythmic work at the lowest cost.

- Organising and ensuring the protection of the Company`s territory, buildings, structures, property, and compliance with the law and order norms established by law on the Company`s territory.

- Compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest policy, internal regulatory documents and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of combating corruption.