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Seminars within the framework of the DAAD international project

On October 7, 2022 the project coordinator from Abai University, professor Ulzharkyn Abdigapparova held a seminar on the topic of the study "The advantages of student centered learning", implemented within the framework of the project of the Ministry of science and higher Education AP08857119 "Transformation of student-centered learning of future teachers in a digital environment". During the seminar, the goals and objectives of this project were presented and the process of its implementation at Abai University was also described. Also, associate professor Darazha Isabayeva demonstrated the informational system of "Student-centered learning" and a discussion was held on the importance and ways of implementing "student-centered learning" in Germany and Azerbaijan.

PhD doctor Saya Baysultanova held a workshop on "Innovative technologies in improving pedagogical professionalism" where the project participants discussed issues of improving pedagogical professionalism in the issue of innovative methods and technologies.

After the program participants visited the museum of "Abai" where its director Yerkin Kaishybek showed the works of our students and familiarized them with the national and cultural values of the kazakh people.

The project participants also had the opportunity to get consultations and conduct interviews with such scientists as U.M. Abdigapbarova, PhD S Baysultanova and A.K. Izbairov where questions were asked about their research topics.





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