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Chair of technology teaching of natural sciences
 Mansurov Bakir Aimukhametovich
Candidate of chemical sciences
Kazybek Bi str., 30


In July 2007, an independent structure, which became known as the " Chair of Natural Sciences learning technology ." Was appointed head of a talented manager Professor B.A Mansurov

The chair works presented below : Acting Professor Izbasarova R.S., docents Obayeva S.N., Unerbaeva Z.O., Zhumagulova K.A, Bekenova N.A, senior teachers - Kalybayeva A.M, Imankulova R.A, G.S Kamieva . , teacher Birtalaev E.K In accordance with the name of the chair teachers have been paying great attention to new technologies learning natural sciences , actively began to use the information in their classrooms , modular , individual , problem , differentiated technology and teaching methods .

Total number of teachers 10 people , 2 laboratory , including 2 professors, 4 associate professors , 3 assistant professors , 1 teacher that is 60% of the staff of thechair have a degree .

Currently, the scientific-pedagogical direction of the chair associated with the introduction of new educational technologies , increase the level of preparedness of future teachers.