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Access to East View Electronic Resource Collections is open


In the library of our university, test access to the collections of electronic resources East View (IVIS company) is open.

The «East View» databases contain sources on social sciences and humanities, applied sciences, pedagogy and education, military subjects, medicine, central and regional Russian periodicals, the CIS and Baltic countries, and applied publications. Access to them offers many advantages.

All electronic versions of the presented editions are as close as possible to the format of printed originals with preservation of pagination, links and lists of used literature.

A simple and advanced search for information can be performed both on all databases at once, and on any source selected by the user.

Access to individual publications, individual issues, room contents and individual articles.

Access is granted from library computers

Link for access

The term of test access is from 02/18/2020 to 05/30/2020.