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Rules of admission to Abai KazNPU


Dear applicants! Please read the conditions of admission to Abai KazNPU.


Persons who have secondary, technical and professional or post-secondary education, wishing to study for a fee, must score on the results of UNT at least 65 points in the educational areas of «pedagogical sciences» - at least 70 points, including the history of Kazakhstan, mathematical literacy, reading literacy - at least 5 points in the language of instruction and at least 5 points for each profile subject.

Persons with technical and vocational, post-secondary education, entering similar areas of training, which provide for shorter training periods, the results of the UNT need to score at least 25 points, including in the general subject - at least 5 points and a special exam - at least 5 points.

Admission of persons entering the paid training, having technical and professional or post-secondary education with the qualification of «middle-level specialist» or «applied bachelor» in related areas of training of higher education, which provides for shorter periods of study, is carried out by admissions commissions of the university.

Applicants submit the following documents to the admissions committee:
- An application addressed to the rector of the university;
- A copy of the ID card;
- Certificate of secondary education / diploma of secondary or higher education with an attachment (original);
- Copy of form 063 (vaccination card);
- Medical certificate of form 086-U (photo of fluorography);
- Photo 3x4 (6 pieces);
- Results of delivery of UNT;
- Copy of registration of the certificate (for boys);
- Documents written in a foreign language should be translated into Kazakh or Russian and certified by a notary;
- Documents of foreign citizens must undergo nostrification procedure in the National Accreditation Center (must be certified).


- In the period from June 20 to July 7, applications for the creative examination are accepted.
- Creative exam - from 8 to 13 July.
- Persons entering the groups of educational programs requiring creative training pass the UNT on the history of Kazakhstan and reading literacy (language of instruction).


Calculation of points
The maximum number of points for one creative exam is 40. The number of special (creative) exams is two. For citizens entering creative specialties, points in two UNT subjects are taken into account: reading literacy (Kazakh or Russian), history of Kazakhstan - and two creative exams.
Simplified formula for calculating points taking into account creative exams:
Reading literacy (20) + History of Kazakhstan (20) + 1st creative exam (40) + 2nd creative exam (40) = 120 (maximum score).



The first creative exam (40) + 2nd creative exam (40) = 120 (maximum score):
The applicants who received less than 5 points on the special (creative) exam or did not appear on them, to the complex testing for admission to this specialty is not allowed.



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