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Dear applicants!

We are pleased to inform you that the acceptance of documents for the competition for state educational grants for the year 2022 will begin on 13 July and will last until 20 July!

Admission of the documents is realized through the Admission Committee of the university.

For the convenience of applicants living in remote regions, universities have virtual admission committees that advise applicants via video link.

The following documents are required to participate in the competition for state educational grants:
- an identity card;
- UNT certificate;
- 3x4 photo;
- secondary education certificate (diploma for graduates of organizations of technical and professional education (TPE);
- A medical certificate of medical form № 075/u and vaccination card № 063/u;
- Military registration certificate for men;
- supporting documents for participation in the competition on a preferential category.


We remind, that arriving on competition can give only one of two results of UNT, past from May 16 till July 5 of this year.


We hope that you will make the right choice and become a grant winner!


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