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Call for applications!

Within the framework of the academic mobility program the undergraduate students of 2-3 years have an opportunity to study at one of the European universities in the spring semester of 2022-2023 academic year.

In this regard, all students who wish to participate must submit the following required documents to the Academic mobility office (main building, 13, Dostyk ave., room 300) by November 14, 2022:

- IELTS certificate (level not less than 5.5), TOEFL (level not less than B2) or Duolingo (not less than 105);
- Рassport;
- Тranscript;
- Letter of motivation.


Terms of Funding:
- Round-trip airfare funded by the university;
- Tuition fee - free of charge;
- Other expenses (accommodation, visa, health insurance, daily expenses, etc.) - at the expense of students.

Foreign universities that are ready to accept students of Abai University in the spring semester 2022-2023 academic year:
- Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland) - 10 students;
-Mikolas Romiris University (Lithuania) - 3 students.