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Application for recruitment to a vacant post


Name of the vacant position:

Salary accountant

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Maintaining accounting and reporting, obligations and business transactions;

Development of forms of primary accounting documentation on the basis of standards;

Formation of the complete and authentic information about economic processes and financial results of university activity;

Control of presence and movement of property, use of material, labour, financial resources according to the approved norms, norms and estimates;

Paying salaries to the employees, deducting PIT, income tax and obligatory payments with the corresponding transferring;

Accrual and transfer of taxes and obligatory payments to the national and local budgets and preparation of tax returns.


Main job responsibilities:

Accrual of wages, sick leave, holiday pay, redundancy payments.

Reflection of operations related to the movement of accrued income of employees in the accounting system.

Preparing and submitting statistical reports on payroll and tax reports to the relevant agencies.

Going on business trips:



Higher economic education, professional accountant certificate

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least 3 years in the profession


Professional Competencies:

Executiveism, commitment and the ability to take responsibility for decisions

Personal competences and qualities:

Development of solutions, Ability to work with information, Achievement of goals

Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Kazakh, Russian


Computer skills:

- Knowledge of 1C: Enterprise;

- Knowledge of accounting systems SONO, the Cabinet of the taxpayer;

- Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook;

Resume submission deadline:

Until ______ January 2023


Contact Person:

Lambekova Torgyn

(8727) 291-90-12 s.t. +77017128640






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