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Application for recruitment to a vacant post


Name of the vacant position:

Head of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Service

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- develops the Company`s internal anti-corruption policy;

- develops anti-corruption instructions for the Company`s employees, taking into account the specifics of the organization`s activities;

- conducts explanatory activities on anti-corruption issues and the formation of an anti-corruption culture in Society;

- promotes corporate ethical values;

- ensures control over compliance by the Company`s employees with anti-corruption legislation, as well as the Corporate Code of Ethics;

- organizes training of the Company`s employees on anti-corruption issues;

- develops and monitors the implementation by structural units of the internal anti-corruption program in the activities of the organization and employees;

- coordinates the work on internal analysis of corruption risks in the Company`s activities in accordance with the order of the Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption dated October 19, 2016 No. 12 "On approval of Standard Rules for internal analysis of corruption risks" with the involvement of representatives of civil and business community institutions;

- participates in an external analysis of corruption risks in the Company`s activities, conducted by a joint decision of the first heads of the authorized anti-corruption body and the Company;

- manages corruption risks in the Company;

takes measures to identify, monitor and resolve conflicts of interest, including in matters of employment;

- takes measures to resolve issues of gifts and representation expenses in the Company;

- performs verification of counterparties in financial transactions;

- conducts internal inspections based on appeals (complaints) about the facts of corruption in Society and/or participates in them;

- conducts monitoring for compliance by the Company`s employees belonging to the category of persons equated to persons authorized to perform state functions with anti-corruption restrictions in accordance with the law;

- monitors and analyzes changes in anti-corruption legislation, judicial practice in cases related to corruption in Society;

- assesses the effectiveness of the implementation of anti-corruption measures by structural units and employees of the Company;

- hears relevant information from the Company`s structural divisions and employees on anti-corruption issues;

- makes recommendations to the head of the Company on the elimination of identified corruption risks, improving the efficiency of internal processes of the organization of the university`s activities.

Main job responsibilities:

- planning the activities and organization of the compliance service, ensuring the preparation of a compliance service work plan for the relevant academic year and monitoring its implementation;

- ensuring the development of documents regulating the activities of the compliance service, including methodological recommendations for internal analysis and other documents related to the activities of the compliance service;

- ensuring timely submission of reports on the activities of the compliance service to the Company`s Board of Directors;

- periodic assessment of the relevance of the tasks and functions of the Service to achieve its goals (at least once a year);

- making proposals on determining the quantitative composition, staffing, term of office of the compliance service, appointment of employees of the service, as well as early termination of their powers, the procedure for the work of the compliance service, the amount and conditions of remuneration and bonuses of employees, imposition of disciplinary penalties on employees of the compliance service, organizational and technical support of the compliance service;

- taking measures to improve the level of professional training of compliance service employees;

- initiating the convocation of a meeting of the Company`s Board of Directors on issues within the competence of the compliance service;

decision-making on all issues within the competence of the compliance service.

Going on business trips:




Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

work experience in senior positions in law enforcement and/or government agencies for at least 7 years

Professional Competencies:

The head of the compliance service should know: the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On Science", "On Licensing", "On State Youth Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Combating Corruption", "On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan", the State Program for the Development of Education for 2020-2025, regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating educational activities, the procedure for concluding collective agreements and regulating social and labor relations; labor legislation, rules and regulations of labor protection, safety and fire protection, the Company`s policy and objectives in the field of quality, quality management system documents; anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest resolution policy and other internal regulatory documents on anti-corruption

Personal competences and qualities:


Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Proficiency in Kazakh and English is preferred

Computer skills:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook

Resume submission deadline:


Contact Person:

Adil Zhumadilov

8-727-293-81-19 +77479880925