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 Application for appointment of a candidate to a vacant position


Vacancy is closed

Name of the vacant position:

Senior Specialist of the office of Human Resources Policy

Main responsibilities:

1) participate in the development of draft regulations on structural divisions and job descriptions of the Company`s employees, as well as internal acts of the Company on issues in the field of personnel management (rules, regulations, instructions, etc.), as well as make timely changes to them;

2) organize the work of the process of search, recruitment, adaptation and development of personnel, take part in the work on recruitment, selection, placement of personnel;

3) in accordance with labor legislation, to conduct personnel administration (registration, accounting and registration of personnel orders (admission, dismissal, transfer, incentives and awards, disciplinary penalties, business trips, vacations, etc.);

4) to acquaint newly hired employees with orders, internal acts of the Company, including the necessary their work;

5) to carry out a summary of the submission of the declaration by employees, including by sending notifications to employees about the deadlines for the submission of the declaration established by the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6) organize festive events held in the Company, including keeping a list of employees, sending mailings and greeting cards to corporate mail;

7) keep records, filling and storage of workbooks, registration, issuance and registration, registration of certificates from the place of work of employees of the Company;

8) monthly and every half a month to check the accounting of working hours (timesheets of supervised structural divisions of the AMP) actually worked by employees of the Company, as well as if necessary and on behalf of the head;

9) draw up a vacation schedule for the Company`s employees, taking into account their opinions for approval by the Company`s management, as well as keep records of the provision of vacations to employees and compliance with vacation schedules, keep records and store personal files of the Company`s employees;

10) prepare reports on personnel issues, coordinate work on labor discipline of the Company`s employees in accordance with the Labor Regulations and other internal acts of the Company;

11) prepare responses to incoming emails, requests, complaints, memos, etc.;

12) organize events aimed at training, retraining and advanced training of the Company`s personnel;

13) organize and carry out work on rewarding and encouraging employees of the Company;

14) organize and coordinate the work on carrying out procedures for the certification of the Company`s personnel as necessary;

15) participate in the conduct of official investigations on behalf of management and prepare materials on the imposition of disciplinary penalties on employees who have committed violations of labor discipline;

16) to advise the Company`s employees on issues in the field of personnel management and labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

17) carry out work on the development and strengthening of the corporate culture of the Company;

18) coordinate the organization of work in the field of personnel management;

19) keep records, ensure the safety of documents and their delivery in the prescribed manner to the archive;

20) prepare proposals for filling vacant positions and creating a reserve for nomination;

21) prepare information quarterly, timely enter information on the admission, dismissal and relocation of an employee, as well as personal data in the program 1-With ZIK (1-With Accounting), in the electronic labor exchange ( ), the national educational database, in the "Univer" system.


higher (or postgraduate) education

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

not less than 2 years in the relevant field

Deadline for submitting a resume:


Contact person:

Tutkabaeva Zhuldyz