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Application for appointment of a candidate to a vacant position


Vacancy is closed


Name of vacant position:

Deputy Head of the Rector`s Office

Main responsibilities:

1) To carry out administrative and administrative activities of the Head of the Rector`s Office;

2) Ensure effective implementation of managerial decisions and instructions of the Chairman of the Board-Rector, Head of the Rector`s Office, control executive discipline, represent the official position of the Rector in the process of interaction with university employees;

3) coordinate the work of the supervised structural subdivisions: Human Resources Policy Department, Office Management and Archiving Service, Legal Work and Procurement Department, Contract Monitoring Service and Quality of Services, Public Relations Department, Alumni Association, University Security Service and Situation Centre;

4) on the instructions of the Chairman of the Board - Rector, Head of the Rector`s Office, or within the framework of his/her own job descriptions, request and receive necessary information from all structural subdivisions of the Company;

5) accept correspondence received by the Head of the Rector`s Office, systematise it and transfer it to the structural subdivisions to specific executors for use in the work process or for preparation of responses in accordance with the decision made by the Head of the Rector`s Office;

6) on behalf of the Head of the Rector`s Office, conduct business correspondence and represent the Company`s interests in governmental and non-governmental organisations;

7) organise the execution of orders and instructions of the Chairman of the Board - Rector, exercise general control over the execution of orders and instructions of the Chairman of the Board - Rector, during his absence ensure continuous and effective performance of the Apparatus of its functions, be responsible for the effectiveness of its activities;

8) control the timely review and submission by structural subdivisions and specific executors of documents received for execution;

9) coordinate the implementation of the Company`s strategy;

10) prepare current and long-term work plans on the basis of proposals of structural subdivisions of the Rector`s Office;

11) organise interaction of the Rector`s Office with state bodies, local self-government bodies, organisations, enterprises, institutions, individuals and legal entities;

12) provide the Chairman of the Board - Rector with necessary information for representation in state bodies and other organisations;

13) sign official documents within his/her competence.

Higher or postgraduate education


At least 3 years of work experience in managerial positions in a higher education institution and/or educational organisations,

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

certificate (certificate) of completion of advanced training courses on management in the field of education

Professional Competencies:

Knowledge of the Constitution of the RK, Civil Code of the RK, Labour Code of the RK, Social Code of the RK, laws of the RK: "On Education", "On Science", "On Countering Corruption", "On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Universal Military Duty and Military Service", "On Public Procurement", "On State Property", the State Programme of Education Development of RK and other normative legal acts and methodological materials;

basics of personnel management, basics of labour legislation;

basic provisions of the office management system, methods of execution control, forms of organisational and administrative documentation;

basic rules of public procurement;

basics of management, description of business processes related to the activities of the Head of the Apparatus;

rules and norms of labour protection, occupational health and safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection in carrying out his/her activities;

basics of development management and interaction with graduates.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate should be proficient in)

Kazakh, Russian.


Deadline for submission of CV:

Until November 24, 2023

Contact Person:

Zhuldyz Tutkabayeva

tel: 291-18-29