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Application for recruitment of a candidate for a vacant position


Name of vacant position:

Specialist (content manager, designer) of the marketing department

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit: Implementation of the University`s marketing strategy aimed at expanding the share occupied in the markets of educational, scientific, educational, pedagogical and related services, strengthening and developing ties with potential consumers of the University`s services in the long term by creating a positive reputation and self-confidence, promoting the University on the international market.

Main job responsibilities:

Participation in the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for managing the reputation and promotion of the University on the Internet;

Development and creation of design for banners on the website, layouts for articles.

Production of graphic content (banners, sliders, photos, etc.) on the University`s website in a timely manner.

Filling the company`s website with text and graphic materials.

Ensuring the timely availability of 100% descriptions and images for the presented assortment (photographing goods, timely uploading to the site).


Travelling on business trips:



higher education

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

higher education and work experience in marketing, advertising and PR design for at least 1 year

Professional competences:

Exercise powers related to the performance of duties approved in the job description

Personal competences and qualities:

Responsibility, ability to work in a team, timely perform assigned tasks

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate should be proficient in)

Knowledge of Kazakh and Russian language - fluently.

Knowledge of English will be an advantage.


Computer Skills:

A confident PC user, the ability to work in graphics programs

Deadline for submission of CV:

November 29, 2023

Contact Person: