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A scientific seminar will be held organized by the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

A scientific seminar (online) organized by the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology will be held on December 6, 2023 at 11.00. Moderator of the seminar Utepbaeva A. 2nd year doctoral student, 8D01901.

Speakers and topics: Manzhibayeva Zhanar , 8D01901, «Socialization of primary school children with autism spectrum disorders in secondary school»; Amanzholova Assel, 8D01201, «The possibilities of STEAM technology in the development of cognitive skills of preschool children»; Assylbayeva Zheniskul, 8D01301, «The importance of developing professional skills of future primary school teachers in the context of digital transformation of education»; Utepbayeva Aigerim, D01901, «Artificial intelligence algorithms for detecting speech disorders in preschool children»; Utemissova Zhanna, 8D01101, «Theoretical and methodological foundations for the formation of social responsibility of students in process of volunteering».


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Code: 1206