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The spring festive events «Abai Alemi»

From March 30, 2024, the month "Abay Alemi" will begin at our university, organized by the Department of Social Development and youth policy.

The events of the spring festive period" Abay Alemi " will last from March 30 to April 20. The event stage consists of 13 events. They are:
March 30 - intellectual and educational game "Oi-Like2" ;
April 3 - poetry evening" therapy shower";
April 4 - Mobilograph competition;
April 6 - City "Dance Fest";
April 9 - Music Festival" Star spring";
April 11 - Republican Cup "Abay" on Zhaydarman games;
April 12 - "Abay aruy and Sultan - 2024";
April 13 - Abay readings of students of the school" Asyl Mura";
April 13 - conquest of "Abay peak";
April 15 - exhibition on Ualikhanov Street;
April 16 - solemn evening "welcome, AZ-Nauryz";
April 18 - Republican Kazakh wrestling tournament"Abay barysy - 2024";
April 20 - the II Republican competition of student theaters" student and stage " will be held.

Head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his article "Abay and Kazakhstan in the XXI century" said: "We must learn to love the country and the nation Abay. Although the great poet strongly criticized the shortcomings of the nation, he aimed to lead only one thought - the Kazakh people, the people", as they say, the purpose of the project is to promote the life and work of the Great Abai, develop the horizons and creative abilities of students.

It should be noted that for the first time in our university, the month of Abay Alemi is organized for students.