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«Science Decade - 2024» at Abai University

The «Science Decade» is a traditional event at Abai University dedicated to the Day of Science Workers! This year, the «Science Decade - 2024» will take place from April 4th to 13th. The goal of the «Science Decade» is not only to promote scientific activities but also to stimulate the conduct of new research in various fields of knowledge by the university`s faculty and students.
The «Science Decade - 2024» will commence on April 4th with the solemn opening of the Center for Research on Politics, Culture, and Religion as part of the implementation of the scientific project under the program-targeted financing of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Influence and Prospects of Islam as a Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Societal Phenomenon in Post-Normal Times: Experience of the Middle East and Central Asia».

A total of 117 scientific events are planned, divided into 6 modules: «Transformation into a Pedagogical Research University», «Science and Innovation», «Scientific Communication: University - College - School», «International Scientific Collaborations», «Integration with Republican Research Institutes», and «The Role of Art and Sports in Science». Among the events will be held Open Talk for young scientists, where postdoctoral researchers can share their experiences in their scientific journey; GrantBoost workshop series to help understand grant application strategies; International conferences; Olympiads to stimulate scientific creativity; Intellectual shows and many other events.

During the Science Decade, competitions will be held for the University Grant for the implementation of integration and international scientific projects, the Rector`s Grant for young researchers, as well as for university faculty and staff. Additionally, on April 12-13, there will be a StartUp project competition among university students.

On April 9th, the «Science Decade - 2024» Grand Event will take place, where science veterans and leading scientists will be awarded memorable gifts in various categories for their high achievements in science in 2023.

The upcoming «Science Decade - 2024» promises to be enriching and captivating. Stay tuned for announcements and don`t miss the opportunity to participate in various events!