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Storytelling in Education as a teacher`s tool in interactive student learning


On April 08, 2024, the Department of Pedagogy of AbayUniversity, within the framework of the Decade of Science, holds a Republican scientific and methodological online seminar «Storytelling in education as a teacher`s tool in interactive student learning». 


Purpose: to create a discussion platform on the problems and prospects of using educational tools that activate students` educational and cognitive activities in the classroom and develop their communicative ability. 


Speaker - Tanatova A.D., PhD, senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy.


Moderator - Columbayeva Sh.Zh., Professor of Abai University, Head of the Department of Pedagogy. 


Doctoral students and teaching staff of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan are invited to participate in the seminar.


Event language: russian


Time: 11.00 (Astana time).


Format: online.

Conference ID: 927 6467 5960


Access code: 752252