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What is lifelong learning and why is it important to involve adults in it?


Lifelong learning is a continuous learning and development process that continues throughout a person`s life. Therefore, lifelong learning is an important element of the modernization of the education system and professional development. In this regard, it is important to actively involve all levels and forms of education in lifelong learning in order to optimize the provision of lifelong learning.


Why is it important to involve adult residents in lifelong learning?


Involvement of the adult residents in lifelong learning not only improves their professional skills, but also contributes to the improvement of knowledge and the development of creative potential, exchange of experience. 

Abai University invites you to take an active part in courses and events within the framework of the «Silver University» project, which ensure the effective organization of leisure and educational needs of the adult population. Thus, it provides unique opportunities for continuous learning and development of residents of any age.