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1673511Student Lifeopen
1673521Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
1673531Institute of History and Lawopen
1673541Institute of History and Lawopen
1673551Student Lifeopen
1673561Student Lifeopen
1673571Institute of History and Lawopen
1673581Institute of History and Lawopen
1673591Student Lifeopen
1673601Institute of History and Lawopen
1673611Institute of History and Lawopen
1673621Student Lifeopen
1673631Institute of History and Lawopen
1673641Institute of History and Lawopen
1673671Academic Calendaropen
1673681Department of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
1673691Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogyopen
1673701Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogyopen
1673711About usopen
1673721About usopen
1673731About usopen
1673741Student Lifeopen
1673751About usopen
1673761About usopen
1673771About usopen
1673781About usopen
1673791SMC Shool- College-Universityopen
1673811The mission of the universityopen
1673841Policy and aims in the area of qualityopen
1673851SMC Shool- College-Universityopen
1673861Social and educational activitiesopen
1673871Strategy and development programsopen
1673881The mission of the universityopen
1673891SMC Shool- College-Universityopen
1673901SMC Shool- College-Universityopen
1673911Strategy and development programsopen
1673921Academic documentsopen
1673931Rectors KazNPU named after Abaiopen
1673941About usopen
1673971Health postopen
1673981Scientific projectsopen
1673991Scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogy and Psychology»open
1674001SMC Shool- College-Universityopen

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