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Republican educational and methodical section

Structure of EMU REMC includes representatives of education institutions or their departments (faculties, chairs, institutes, and others) that implement educational programs to train specialists of higher education appropriate profile and level.

Solution EMU REMC on matters within its competence, for members of the EMU REMC are of an executive nature, and for other high schools - a recommendation and put into practice the educational process the orders and directives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the orders of higher education leaders (or their structural units) .


The main objectives of educational and methodical  union are:

- Implementation of the relationship and coordination of educational and methodical work of educational institutions that train in the field of "Education".
- Prepare recommendations to the list of specialties and specializations to meet the needs of the labor market (amendments to the Classification majors).
- Preparation of recommendations for improving the state compulsory standards of higher and postgraduate education.
- Preparation of recommendations for updating and improving the content of the educational programs of higher and postgraduate education.
- Participation in the development of model curricula of disciplines in the field of higher and postgraduate education.
- Make arrangements for reviewing the manuscripts of textbooks and teaching materials for secondary, higher and postgraduate education.
- Exploring innovative practices of leading local and foreign universities.
- Participation in the organization of conferences, seminars and meetings on issues of higher education.
- Providing consulting services to other organizations and individuals.

The main functions of educational and methodical union are:

- Identifying promising areas of training and retraining of teachers to meet the needs of the labor market and the trends in the development of society.
- Promote the integration of higher education of Kazakhstan into the world educational space.

- The development of communication and coordination among universities that train personnel in the field of "Education" study and dissemination of best practice teaching work of universities.
- Methodical maintenance and support of state educational standards of higher education, participation in the development of model curricula, etc.
- Development of comprehensive programs to update the content of higher education, methodological support of its variation due to the development and improvement of a multi-level structure of education, and various forms of continuing education with the participation of representatives of all levels of education and employers to meet the needs of the labor market.
- Development of recommendations for the use of interuniversity educational literature published universities belonging to the EMU REMS, monitoring book providing disciplines.
- Development of recommendations on the principles of planning and organization of the educational process, best practices, development and implementation of innovative learning technologies, organization of conferences and seminars on higher education.
- Participation through its representatives in the licensing of higher education institutions in the preparation and review of documents on the development of higher education.