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University Administration
  Daubasov Sabit Shinzhrhanovich
Director of the Administrative Department

Dostyk ave. 13


Administration department is a subdivision of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, operates in accordance with the charter Abai KazNPU.

The device is guided by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulations MES, Charter Abai KazNPU Development Strategy of Abai KazNPU 2011-2020, orders and directives of Rector.


The main tasks:

1. Strict control over the execution of the laws of Kazakhstan, acts of the President and the Government orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science , orders, decrees and orders of the Rector .

2. Develop an overall strategy for legal, informational and documentation security, document management , human resources policy and improve the quality of the University.

3. Coordinate activities of departments, divisions and other units of the University; management of the legal, personnel, organizational departments and department documentary support and control; military mobilization sector. Assistance in the preparation and conduct of the Academic Council and Rector , control over the execution of decisions and other activities carried out on behalf of the rector.

4. Control over the compliance of the principles of organization and management of the structural units , as well as internal regulations and guidance documents the Laws of the University of the Republic of Kazakhstan , Government regulations , orders and MES Charter Abai KazNPU. Ensuring the functioning of the state , Russian and other languages ​​, in accordance with the law "On languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan ."

5. Determining staffing needs , qualifying their requirements , functional analysis of their activity and regulation of labor , selection and placement .

6. Office organization and its management , the implementation of the transition to electronic document . Ensuring the organization and documentation support protocol and visa guidance.

7. Making the transition archival data from paper to electronic media for the purpose of storage and transmission.


The main functions:

1. Coordinate activities of departments, divisions and other units Abai KazNPU programs, tasks and assignments set by the rector.

2. Consideration of internal regulations for their compliance with the requirements of the laws of RK.

3. Development of the main internal documents regulating the activities of the structural units of the University.

4. To protect the legal interests of the University in court and other law enforcement agencies, control over the execution of court decisions .

5. Implementation of the basic principles of personnel policy , the definition of the structure and staffing requirements , analysis of qualitative composition and movement of personnel, ensuring the conditions and organization of training , functional analysis and regulation of labor personnel.

6. Adoption of measures to improve labor discipline , providing professional and career development of employees of the University; development of an effective mechanism of social and legal protection of the faculty and student body of the University.

7.Participate in the drafting of orders, orders rector of projects, programs , concepts and projections in the development and review of these documents on the basis of timely received from all departments of the University information.

8. Organization and record keeping , document storage departments of the University .

9. Implementation of the protocol, record keeping , preparation and organization of other events on the instructions of the rector.


Administrative Office provides:

- implementation of responsible administrative functions and coordination of human resources of the university ;
- planning and implementation of programs in the field of personnel policy , recruitment, testing , evaluation , appointment, promotion, transfer and recommendations for changing the status of specialist employees and workers of the University , as well as making available the necessary information to employees ;
- communication of important decisions on personnel matters to all departments of the University by reference to the orders and personal contacts ;
- interviewing to recruit classification applications for employment ;
- recruitment of new professionals and employees to fill vacancies , skilled analysis applications , maintaining contacts with specialized services for recruitment ;
- prepare and transmit to the bodies of social protection instruments for granting pensions and benefits to employees and their families , consulting employees on these issues;
- cooperation with the heads of departments of the University on personnel matters , including matters of appointments , hiring or dismissal at the end of the probationary period or term of employment , on the transfer , demotion and dismissal of permanent employees ;
- on behalf of the university management performance of individual tasks within the scope of its activities.


Responsible for:

- ensuring compliance with the Presidential Decree , the Law , and the orders of the Ministry of University on the selection, placement and training of personnel, training and retraining, skills development departments of the University ;
- organization of work for the implementation of the tasks and functions of the department;
- keeping a secret credential focused on university employees in personal affairs and other documents under the jurisdiction of the department, as well as the confidentiality of information that has become known by employees of industrial activity.