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 Assembayuly Yerlan
Head of the Chair
Candidate of philological sciences, Associate professor
13, Dostyk ave.


In 1969, the art-graphic faculty of Abai Kazakh Pedagogical Institute was a creative center for professional artists and teachers of the specialty «Fine arts and drawing».

Modern educational reforms have led to changes in the system of higher education, including in the history of the development and mastering of the specialty «Fine Arts and Drawing». In the 2013-2014 academic year, the art-graphic faculty was transformed into the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports with the departments «Methods of Teaching Special Disciplines and Art History» and «Methods and Theory of Fine and Decorative and Applied Art». This institution of higher education continues to serve the training of professionals for the teacher-school system, and above all for special schools of art and general secondary education, colleges, lyceums in the direction of graduating relevant specialized specialists.

From 1 September of 2018-2019 academic year, the name of the departments and the content of their work at the Institute wers changed by regrouping specialties. At the moment, the training of specialists is carried out at the departments of «Design» and «Art Education» with a specific professional educational approach in the direction of teacher training. The subject «Art Work», which is taught to students at the Department «Art Education», is actively being introduced into the programs of modern secondary schools. At the same time, the activity of the faculty of the Institute is not limited to the fact that students simply acquire the knowledge necessary for professional activity. In the arsenal of the teacher-lecturer - the improvement and expansion of knowledge, the use of modern information resources, readiness for social interaction and the formation of basic competences, such as communicative competence.

The Department «Art education»:
- 5В010700 - bachelor «Art and Drawing» and 5В041300 - «Painting»;
- 6М010700 - Master of Arts in Art and Drawing, from the 2019-2020 academic year - «Artwork, graphics and methods of teaching design»;
- 6D010700 - training of a doctor (РһD) in the specialty «Fine arts and drawing»;
- 5В041600 - bachelor «Art Studies»;
- 6М041600 - master «Art Studies»;

- 6B01416 (5B010700) - «Art education, graphics and design» (reaccreditation);
- 7M01416 (6M012000) - «Art education, graphics and design» (reaccreditation)

In the years 2019-2020. It is planned to open the study program Doctor (PһD) in the specialty «Art Studies». In this regard, the department of «Art Education» specializes in training in specialties for higher educational institutions, colleges, lyceums, specialized art schools and schools of general secondary education, as well as masters and bachelors (PһD).

Currently, 27 professors and teachers, including 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 8 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 1 candidate of art history, 2 two doctors (РһD), 4 master-teachers, 9 senior teachers, 1 teacher .

Two of the faculty members are academicians of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, three are professors of the Higher Attestation Committee, three are associate professors of the Higher Attestation Commission, six are professors including a number of other universities, members of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

At the department, in the department of doctoral studies, doctoral research work in the specialty 6D010700 - «Fine arts and drawing» is protected in HAC 1. At the present, 3 doctoral students are trained in the 1st year of the doctoral program (2 - foreigners, 3 - in the paid department), in the 2nd year - 2 doctoral students (on the grant), on the 3rd year 1 doctoral student (on the grant); 1 PhD student (on grant) prepares to defend his research work.

In the magistracy are trained: in the specialty 6M010700 «Fine arts and drawing» - 12 undergraduates (10 - on a grant, 2 - in the paid department), in the specialty 6M041600 «Art Studies» students of 1-2 courses of the Kazakh and Russian departments; 10 undergraduates in the Kazakh department, 15 in the Russian department (all under the grant).