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Exhibition of a joint collection of dresses by French stylist Lamin M and KFW designers "The Great Silk Road"


On 16 March 2018 at Kasteev State Museum of Arts, at 17.00, will be held a press tour followed by a press conference dedicated to the Francophonie and Francophonie Spring 2018, with the participation of the ambassadors of francophone countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco) and the museum director, Professor Gulmira Shalabaeva. Opening of the exhibition of dresses "The Great Silk Road" (only by invitation cards) will be held at 18.00. For the general public, the exhibition will open on March 17, at 10.00.


The collection of dresses for the exhibition "The Great Silk Road" was jointly developed by the French designer stylist Lamin M and designers of Kazakhstan Fashion Week. In particular, KFW`s permanent participants, such as Yerlan Zholdasbekov (YERLAN ZHOLDASBEK brand), Gaukhar Akhmetova (KIORI brand), Elmira Mamedova (MIREL MARAT brand), Zharkyn Baimakhanov (JARKYN BAIMAKHANOV brand), Alexei Zhen and Lariya Dzhakambaeva (ONE-TO-ONE brand), Tamara Lamanukaeva (TAMARA LAMANUKAEVA brand).



Dress "Aral, I`m sorry", author Yerlan Zholdasbekov;

The dress "Tanbaly Tas - secret signs", author Yerlan Zholdasbekov;

Dress "Queen of Tomiris", author Gaukhar Akhmetov;

Dress "Friendship of Peoples", author Gaukhar Akhmetov;

Dress-coat "Legacy of the ancestors", author Elmira Maemerova;

Dress "La soif noire" - "Black Thirst", author Zharkyn Baimakhanov;

The dress "Time of wanderings", authors Alexei Zhen and Lariya Dzhakambaeva;

Dress "Queen Amaga" by Tamara Lamanukaeva.


Lamin M was born in Cameroon in the family of a textile merchant. From a young age, he was interested in the work of a master cutter. Since then, the ideas of style, beauty and harmony in clothes do not leave him.


Earlier, the designer realized an original project called "Large royal dresses" in the cathedral of Saint-Denis, where the kings of France are buried. Royal dresses are large in the literal sense: their height is more than two meters. They resemble the majestic statues-columns, which in the past met the pilgrims at the entrance to the cathedral. The artist turned to the female theme, intertwining among themselves various historical dynasties of France and the culture of the world, where everyone can come up with or "weave" his story.


In order to developfurther this successful project, Lamin M was invited in 2016 by the Embassy of France and the French Alliance of Almaty with a creative residence in Kazakhstan. The result of this art residence was the joint creation of a new collection of "big" dresses, united by the theme "The Great Silk Road".


The organizers of the exhibition: the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, the French Alliance of Almaty, Kasteev State Museum of Arts. The exhibition will last until 16 April 2018.


For accreditation:

The head of the press service of Kasteev Museum - Klara Isabaeva,

Tel. +7 (727) 394-57-18,





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